Interactive tours for children of a school age

There are currently no tours

Tour-game ``Secrets of the towel``

(for kids aged 7 to 10 years)

acquaints young guests of the Castle with antiques and towels. In the form of games, children learn ancient crafts.

Tour ``Big family secrets``

(for children aged 11 to 16)

The educational tour of the Museum of the Ukrainian home icon, the exposition of which includes more than 15,000 artifacts from all regions of Ukraine, ends with a master show on stamping.


(for children aged 7 to 12)

Children will make paper on the technology of the XVII century. A handmade paper sheet will become a souvenir.

Tour ``The tower key``

(for children aged 10 to 16 years)

According to the legend, a good Spirit lives on the Castle Tower. It is necessary to perform tasks on the logic, intelligence and knowledge of the castles of Ukraine and the world. The prize will be the key to the house of the Spirit and the opportunity to make a wish for him by striking an ancient bell.

Master-class ``Skillful hands``

The best way to feel the spirit of the past times is to try to make what people did long before we were born.

Surprise your parents and friends with a gift made by yourself: a textile doll, a painted honey-cake or a toy decorated in a special way.

``VARENYK Quest``

(for children aged 7 to 16)

Magical dumplings with foresight? Try to recognize the taste, and the prediction will come true.