The main idea of the Boutique-hotel is to create a modern space where everyone can feel the spirit of history, get to know European culture through the life of outstanding people who belonged to different eras!

The rooms of the Boutique-hotel are not numbered, each of them is endowed with its own charm and individuality – its own name.

Our Castle is a participant of Europe Council’s cultural project “Via Regia”, named after an ancient transit route that passed through eight modern European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain). Therefore, we decided to name each room in honor of an outstanding educator who played a prominent role in the history and culture of these countries. This is how the names of the rooms appeared – “Vincent”, “Euphrosyne”, “Martynas”, “Johann”, “Bernard and Anna”, “Amand”, “Teresa”.

In this way we managed to honor the memory of the Polish chronicler Vincent Kadlubko, the Belarusian saint and copyist Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the Lithuanian first printer, translator Martynas Mažvidas, who started the Lithuanian-language literary tradition, German inventor of the printing press Johann Gutenberg, the Belgian missionary Amand Maastrichtsky, the French theologian and inspirer of the Crusades Bernard of Clairvaux, Queen Anna Yaroslavna of France, the heavenly patroness of Spain and Doctor of Philosophy Teresa of Avila.

Separate rooms are dedicated to the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise – Elizabeth (Lisbeth) of Norway and Gita of Wessex – the wife of Vladimir Monomakh, the mother of Mstislav the Great – the last Grand Duke of Kiev.

The idea was highly appreciated. In 2012, Hotel “Via Regia” was included in the top hundred hotels in Ukraine.


Mysterious canopy night in elegant castle rooms. Each of 10 rooms has its unique interior and legend.