``VIA REGIA - The Road of Kings``


The Castle Restaurant “VIA REGIA – The Road of Kings” works for true connoisseurs of authentic Ukrainian cuisine.

The unique atmosphere of princely meals, which has passed through the centuries, enchants with its charm and uniqueness.

Our chefs offer a delicious menu for the day. You can also order a banquet or buffet.

Funds from the Restaurant activities are used to the preservation and restoration of unique exhibits, which are stored in the collections of the world’s only Museum of Ukrainian domestic icons and antiquities – “Soul of Ukraine”.


A meal at a real oak table by candlelight, as in the days of King Arthur. Just imagine: low ceilings, solid oak furniture, dim light, the smell of smoldering wood from the stove, ancient music.


This is the heart of Radomysl Castle. A real fireplace is a living source of warmth and unique comfort, warming through the granite rock a collection of ancient instruments for playing music and a piano that can play by itself!


Aromatic coffee, delicious breakfast in the fresh air, enchanting views of wildlife – we invite you to enjoy all this.