Castle with its park is a real ecological resort


Due to its unique location on a rock, surrounded on all sides by water – between two natural waterfalls on the banks of the river Myka – Castle with its park is a real ecological resort.

The ancient source of crystal clear water has healing and rejuvenating properties. The castle is located in the middle of a landscaped park, surrounded by coniferous forests around. At any time of the year, feel the lightness and depth of breathing of extremely clean healing air.

The territory of the park is surrounded on all sides by water, which contributes to the formation of a unique healthy microclimate.

As in ancient times, there are springs around which grow dozens of species of rare plants.

Nature will share with you its strength, harmony and tranquility.


Leave the whirlpool of everyday affairs and go to the Eco-resort Radomysl. A romantic weekend for two people in love is an adventure that will delight with an organic combination of nature, modern comfort and authentic sophistication.

(the program to be composed and agreed in advance)


(for 2 persons)

Just 100 km from Kyiv is a unique place where you can relax and get new experiences, feel connected with nature and rejuvenate by choosing the program “Healthy weekend”. In two days energy reserves will be replenished while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, healthy eating and hiking in the woods.


(for two persons)

If you are tired of social media, electronic gadgets and want to take a break for a few days from social networks, e-mails and notifications in messengers, and the hectic life pace in online mode leads to emotional exhaustion and psychological “burnout” – visit Radomysl Castle , located in a picturesque corner of Ukrainian nature.


(for groups of 6-10 persons)

If you and your friends or colleagues are tired of working online seven days a week, get yourself a digital detox by spending a few days without your gadgets.